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Cooking in uni

Cooking in uni

Postiwyd ar 23 Awst 2018 gan Tamzin

When I started in first year I was a pretty inexperienced cook, there was lots of boiling potatoes and eating junk. Freshers was an exciting time of newfound independence and […]

Post graduation confidence boost

Postiwyd ar 14 Awst 2018 gan Tamzin

Since graduating in July I cant help but feel more confident, I have to remind myself in moments of panic that I have graduated university and can do anything I […]

Graduating from Cardiff University and Future Plans

Postiwyd ar 10 Awst 2018 gan Rachel

Three weeks ago today I graduated from my undergraduate degree (BSc Psychology with Professional Placement) at Cardiff University, bringing four years of hard work to an official close. It’s safe […]

Placements, Internships and Voluntary Work at Cardiff University

Postiwyd ar 10 Awst 2018 gan Rachel

Without a doubt, one of the best things about my degree at Cardiff University has been the wealth of opportunities to gain experience and skills outside of the undergraduate teaching. […]

Why I chose to study at Cardiff University

Postiwyd ar 9 Awst 2018 gan Rachel

With A level results day 2018 fast approaching, there are some key questions for anyone hoping to start university this September: What is it like to be a student? Which […]

My three years at Cardiff University

My three years at Cardiff University

Postiwyd ar 20 Gorffennaf 2018 gan Tamzin

So my three years are over and all the hard work resulted in a 2:1 in Sociology and History and a place on my postgraduate course commencing in September. Three […]

Exam venues

Postiwyd ar 13 Mehefin 2018 gan Tamzin

It's important to look into different exam venues before attending exams as this means you have one less thing to worry about. Don't let the layout and echo of a […]

A new chapter

Postiwyd ar 12 Mehefin 2018 gan Tamzin

I am trying to look for a part time job over summer so I can pay rent for my new flat where I will be living when I start my […]

End of year stress

Postiwyd ar 27 Mai 2018 gan Tamzin

Last week I had three exams, this is the most amount of exams I have had over the past three years in exam period. I had to endure Monday, Wednesday […]

Exam venues

Postiwyd ar 26 Mai 2018 gan Tamzin

Exam venues make me more stressed than some of my actual exams. Not just the layout and echo of a crowded hall, but the fear of forgetting your student card, […]