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Post graduation confidence boost

14 Awst 2018

Since graduating in July I cant help but feel more confident, I have to remind myself in moments of panic that I have graduated university and can do anything I set my mind to (to be honest it still boggles me).

I subscribe to a quote of the day on my phone and today’s was ‘freedom lies in being bold- Robert frost’, and so I took this quote on board as my mantra for the day.

I have been attending training to work on the clearing phone lines for A-level results day on the 16th August and I left for the five hour refresher training today with no makeup on and in leggings and a top.

It is fair to say that pre-graduation Tamzin would have worn makeup or dressed nicer but I’ve come to the realisation that at 22 this is who I am and I don’t need to worry about what people think I look like at a training centre, it shouldn’t bother me.

The same applies to my masters course that is commencing in September, before my undergraduate degree I remember shopping around and trying to almost reinvent myself with new clothes and bags, but this is who I am and when I start my postgrad I am going to go in with a confidence and sense of self that I have never embraced before now.

I always used to look at other people and be envious, want to be like them and then disappointed with myself, but everyone is unique and it may have taken me 22 years to realise it but there’s nothing wrong with being me.