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Top Tips for Staying Motivated During Revision Period

17 Mawrth 2018

Exams and essay deadlines are fast approaching. We’re half way through the spring semester and the much-needed Easter holidays are almost here! With this in mind, it is important to start to consider whether you’re fully prepared for this year’s revision and essay writing stress. Although many of you have had plenty of experience of university exams by now, it’s always worth remembering how important it is to stay both relaxed and motivated during this stressful period. Here are some of my top tips to feel like you’re on top of your game this exam season:

  1. Eat well

Eating well is so important while at university and away from your parents’ lovely cooking! While healthy eating might just seem like an extra thing to have to think about while revising, eating the right foods could really benefit your work. The energy you’ll get from all that lovely fruit and veg will increase your concentration levels and won’t leave you feeling suddenly exhausted like sugary foods will. There are plenty of easy to prepare, cheap and healthy recipes available online, so why not have a look? Alongside benefiting your energy levels and motivation, cooking a lovely, yummy meal will give you a break from all of your hard work.

  1. Stay Fit

Exercise is something that can quickly be forgotten when deadlines are approaching. While I’m not suggesting that you go to the gym for five hours the day before an exam, short workouts every so often will release stress, clear your mind and keep you feeling and looking good! Try going for early morning runs to get you out of bed and ready for the day, or even sign up to a few exercise classes at your local gym. You will feel so much better for it!

  1. Give Yourself a Break

University makes it very easy to fall into the mindset that you should be doing work all of the time, every single day. Remember that you shouldn’t feel guilty for having a break from your revision – in fact, it’s something you should be treating as a necessity! Decide when you will relax and take a break, and make sure you stick to it. This will give you something to work towards and keep you motivated, and will help to stop you feeling guilty while catching up on the latest episode of Made in Chelsea.

  1. Spend Time with Your Housemates

Revision period for many students involves a lot of time spent in their bedroom with their head buried in their work. When lectures finish, it’s very easy to spend days in your pyjamas with limited human contact…but don’t let this happen to you! Take advantage of the fact you are living with people of a similar age who will also be experiencing the same stress as you are. Although this sometimes results in heightened tensions and arguments in the house, it is important to remember that your housemates are invaluable in maintaining your sanity during exam season. Make sure you make an effort to chat with them, eat meals together and rant together about how much stress you’re under. Don’t hide away in your bedroom!

  1. Make a To-Do List

It goes without saying that having a structure to your day will help you to feel more on top of things. Make your own timetable for each day, or simply write out a to-do list and tick off things as you complete them. This will help you to realise how much you’ve achieved, as well as giving you a plan to stick to.


And with that, I think all I have left to say is GOOD LUCK with your upcoming exams and essay deadlines. You still have plenty of time to organise yourself and feel as prepared as possible by the time May/June comes around.