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Strike Stress

6 Mawrth 2018

University includes nights out with friends, the struggles of cooking and if your course is anything like mine, very few contact hours. When those contact hours disappear completely it is important not to treat your time like a holiday.

You don’t want to end up like this come May/June time…

Whatever year you’re in, missing university because of the strikes and simultaneously because of the snow can be stressful- although the snow was quite fun.

Particularly in third year the absence of contact time is challenging. Exams and assessments will undeniably be affected and our learning is taking a hit. Personally I am in full support of the strike. It is one hundred percent justified and understandable why lecturers have decided to strike, however for us students it’s bad timing. At times like this students have to take the initiative to learn by themselves using Learning Central, however tempting it may be to watch Netflix for the duration of the strike days

If this was still school, then missing a few weeks due to strikes would be brilliant but at University were still paying £9,000 a year (£3,000 if you’re a lucky Welsh native) and so it seems a waste to not prepare. It’s time to get organised, do that extra reading and properly catch up to avoid getting caught out in exam season. Support UCU and continue to buckle down just like you told your mum you would in first year.