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Exam venues

Postiwyd ar 26 Mai 2018 gan Tamzin

Exam venues make me more stressed than some of my actual exams. Not just the layout and echo of a crowded hall, but the fear of forgetting your student card, […]

Confidence Trick

Confidence Trick

Postiwyd ar 8 Ebrill 2018 gan Tamzin

I have to do an assessed presentation this month for one of my modules, this prospect frightens me as I know it does many others. Speaking in front of groups […]

Revision Blues

Postiwyd ar 2 Ebrill 2018 gan Tamzin

With the strikes impacting our study independent work is - sadly- more important than ever. So this means we have to probably start trying now! Ew. I have four exams […]

Coursework, Coursework, Coursework

Postiwyd ar 27 Mawrth 2018 gan Hope

Hey Guys, I'm currently in the middle of writing my Speech and Language Essay, my Human Factors Essay, and my Final Year Project, so I'm trying pretty hard to balance […]

Revision and Final Year Project Ramble

Postiwyd ar 15 Rhagfyr 2017 gan Hope

Hello! Sorry it has been a few weeks before I posted anything, I've been stressing about revision and doing a lot of testing for my Final Year Project. I have […]

20 Things I have learnt about education in 20 years

Postiwyd ar 14 Tachwedd 2017 gan Nancyanne

Hello everyone! Sunday was my 20th birthday. To celebrate this milestone, I will be writing 3 blogs titled “20 Things I have XXXXX”. This is the first. Hope you enjoy […]

Post-University Plans

Postiwyd ar 31 Hydref 2017 gan Hope

I've been dreading writing a blog about something like this, as it would mean I was terrifyingly close to the end of my degree. Help. I initially went into Psychology […]

Video Blog – 8 Things I wish I’d done more of at University

Video Blog – 8 Things I wish I’d done more of at University

Postiwyd ar 8 Ebrill 2016 gan Toby

As the final semester looms over myself and every other third year studying at Cardiff University, I've decided to look back on some of the things that I wish I'd […]

How to survive a university exam season!

How to survive a university exam season!

Postiwyd ar 15 Ionawr 2016 gan Nina

It's mid-exams over here, and whilst I am definitely not an expert I'm pretty exam-experienced by now! I've always found it difficult to focus and maintain concentration for the whole […]

Video Blog – Toby talks CUROP

Video Blog – Toby talks CUROP

Postiwyd ar 13 Awst 2015 gan Toby

Two months spent on Creative Cardiff as part of a Cardiff Undergraduate Research Opportunities Programme really paid off. So what is it and why should you consider one yourself? In […]