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Revision and Final Year Project Ramble

15 Rhagfyr 2017


Sorry it has been a few weeks before I posted anything, I’ve been stressing about revision and doing a lot of testing for my Final Year Project. I have now collected all of my data! Woooo! I just need to remember how to do Statistics aha…help. My supervisor is going to talk us through the data, but I still worry, it has been ages since I’ve had to analyse any data, and it was never my strongest skill. But anyway, I am sure it will be fine. I just thought I would mention at this point that I have managed to get my data gathered pretty early, you will not be expected to have it all done before Christmas! When you get round to doing your FYP, it is very important you don’t compare yourself to other students, as you are all doing very different projects, with very different supervisors, and you all work at different paces. This is what I am reminding myself as I look at my empty document titled ‘Final Year Project – First Draft’.

I’m having a lot of trouble working out whether I should be getting stuck into my FYP write up, or whether I should be focusing entirely on revision. I think I’ve settled on writing up the method section, and then getting on with revision…

I tried typing up my notes this year, instead of writing them, and I really think it has helped as I’ve started revising. I can edit bits, and add in extra reading next to the relevant areas in the lecture, and all my notes are neatly tucked away on my pen drive. If you are a fast typer, I would definitely recommend doing this – but make sure your notes are backed up on your computer and on a pen drive.

Sorry this has been a bit of a ramble, I will be posting soon about my continued attempts to sort out my post-uni life!

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Hope 🙂