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Revision Tips

20 Rhagfyr 2017

I know I post something like this pretty much every Semester…BUT it is a good way of reminding myself, and everybody else to do these things. It is very easy to forget very basic stuff when you’re in the last year of your degree. I also like to tell myself I have learnt and grown over the past four years, and so I can impart some new knowledge…yeah. So here are my top 10 Revision Tips:

1. Plan, plan, and plan. I think it really helps to make a revision schedule, especially if you’re going home for the holidays. It is really easy to just focus on the area you like the most, and tell yourself that you’re doing a great job revising, yes you will get a great mark in your favourite module, but the others might suffer. Make sure you are dedicating the right amount of time to every topic.
2. Group Revision Sessions. This is has got to be my best tip. Share the workload, do a bit of extra reading and then come together and talk about it with each other. If everybody does a little bit, you end up with a lot of extra reading. Talking through everything is a great way to revise as you have to tell people what you know, which is a great way to test your knowledge.
3. Ask your Lecturers. If you really don’t understand something, ask them. They do not mind!
4. Colour-Code Your Notes. This may only really be helpful for a few of you. But I love doing this, use one colour for lecture content, one for essential reading, and one for your own reading – then you can see if you’ve got enough extra reading and if you’re focusing too much on lecture content. I would also highlight the bits you’re not sure about, so you can revise more efficiently.
5. Take Breaks. Get up and walk around every hour or so, you’re ability to pay attention is going to dwindle really quickly if you’re staring at your notes for hours on end. Make sure you give yourself days off too, you’re going to be more productive when you do revision, if you’ve had a break.
6. Buy ALL THE STATIONERY. Cue cards, coloured pens, post-its, teeny tiny revision filled notebooks to take with you everywhere you go.
7. Utilise Your Time. Waiting for the bus -revise. In a waiting room – revise. On the train – revise. Waiting for your food to cook – revise. If you manage to fit in a little bit whenever you can, you can avoid sitting for entire days crying over your notes. There is also loooads of evidence that you learn better in smaller chunks.
8. Stay Healthy. I say this as I am surrounded by crisps and lucozade, but it is true. Make sure you take care of yourself. If you’re eating instant noodles for every meal you are definitely going to end up feeling tired and down. Eat yo greens.
9. Stay in Touch. Don’t lose yourself in piles of books, make sure you speak to friends and family. You’re only going to make your stress worse if you isolate yourself. Everybody wants to do well, and the temptation to spend every waking hour revising is definitely real. But make sure you have a social life.
10. Treat Yourself. I know I just said to stay healthy…but also don’t beat yourself up if the only way you can revise all day is by eating three packs of oreos. It is a stressful period, you can eat lots if you need to. Your good.

Hopefully this is at least a little bit helpful for all of you going into revision mode! Good luck with your exams everybody 🙂