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How to Revise during the Holidays

27 Rhagfyr 2017

So I find it so difficult to revise at home and prefer to stay at university however eventually you have to go back home for all the festivities, hence here’s some tips on how to stay on top of your coursework and exam revision during the holidays!

1. Create a Revision Timetable

This is probably the most obvious point. It allows you to have a broad perspective of the length of your holiday. When you’re at home, days can all merge together hence creating a timetable will help you set out how you will be productive everyday instead of wasting time. However you must also plan time to rest! Take Christmas Day off for yourself and the fam and even on other days remember to give you a few hours to just take a breather 🙂

2. Break Tasks Down

Instead of just saying I have 4 essays I have to write. Break it down into manageable chunks so: Introduction, Main Arguments 1,2,3 etc. and Conclusion. By breaking it down, the work doesn’t seem to be as long and you’ll be able to motivate yourself to do one section at a time.

3. Ask Family to Quiz You

Every time I have an exam which involves me memorising, I will always go to my mum and we’ll sit down for a few hours and work through the content where I will explain how I would answer the questions without reading my notes. As with learning, if you can’t explain it to someone else then you don’t know the topic well enough!

4. Use your travel time to revise

If you really want to keep revision to a minimal and have long travel hours between home and uni, use this precious train/coach time to read through your notes or even plan a potential essay question 🙂 Every minute you put in will be worth it in the long run

Hope these tips help all of you this holiday! Till the next post 🙂