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Life Works Out in the End…

31 Rhagfyr 2017

It’s officially been a year that I’ve been a Cardiff Insider and sadly my time as a blogger is coming to an end. I’ve really enjoyed giving advice and sharing my insight into university life at Cardiff. I still remember this time last year, when I had just finished my first term at university and was surprised how much I had enjoyed myself! I remember being so dead set on going to London for university however when my grades didn’t work out, I was upset but decided that when I would go to Cardiff, I would still make the most of it. Now I can happily say that I wouldn’t go anywhere else for my undergraduate degree 🙂

So the bigger life lesson that prospective students can all take from here is that, you’ll be able to find people that you connect with and study a course you truly are interested in regardless of whether you get into your first or second choice university. These 3/4 years you have at university are special so spend your time wisely but also just enjoy yourself! As I’m now half way through my time at university I truly take my own advice and try to work harder (since this year actually counts) but also cherish the time I get to spend with my housemates, coursemates, society friends and of course my family (aww getting real sappy here :P).

Anyway good luck to you all and hope 2018 treats you well! If you want to continue following me on my journey through university, follow my Instagram @whereswendyy

Till the next (Instagram) post 😛