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After UniversityTrydedd flwyddyn

Post-University Plans

31 Hydref 2017

I’ve been dreading writing a blog about something like this, as it would mean I was terrifyingly close to the end of my degree. Help.

I initially went into Psychology hoping it would lead to a career in Forensic Psychology. However, as soon as I got to uni I completely forgot about those plans and spent the next three years jumping between different areas of Psychology. With each new semester I would find myself really passionate about another topic. We study such a variety of topics, I found it so difficult to focus on one area.

Now finally, at the end of my degree. after falling in love with many different areas of Psychology, I’ve realised that I’m still most passionate about Forensic Psychology.

On the one hand it’s a relief to finally realise that this is what I want to do. But then on the other hand, I have very little relevant experience. I have experience in so many other areas but nothing forensic. I spent all of my time trying out areas I thought I might be interested in, I completely neglected to gain experience in the area I definitely knew I loved. My distress has not been helped by the fact that every postgraduate program I look at explicitly states that they want applicants to have relevant experience. Obviously I don’t have to go straight into postgrad study, I can work for a bit to gain experience… but I’m very aware that the path to being a chartered Forensic Psychologist is quite a long one. I have friends considering clinical psychology who are having the same issue (so if you’re thinking clinical or forensic, I would suggest getting as much experience as you possibly can very early on). You can find some really useful info on careers in psych here.

I will keep you updated on my progress/decisions as I get closer to the end of my degree, hopefully I can show you what it’s like making plans for after uni!

If you have any questions please leave a comment, message me on facebook, or follow me on twitter! Thanks guys 🙂