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Coursework, Coursework, Coursework

27 Mawrth 2018

Hey Guys,

I’m currently in the middle of writing my Speech and Language Essay, my Human Factors Essay, and my Final Year Project, so I’m trying pretty hard to balance my time. Luckily I much prefer coursework to exams, so I’m actually quite thankful that this year I am doing more coursework based assessment. In final year you are able to select modules (as I have talked about in previous blog posts!), some of them are exam based and some are coursework based, so you can choose based on your strengths (which is why I tried to pick as many coursework modules as possible!).

Despite my preference for coursework, I am terrible at managing my time, second year was riddled with 3am submissions and microwave meals in the SU study lounge. Thankfully I have gotten a lot better at getting my coursework done in final year, I think this is probably due to my excessive timetabling! I plan to quite sadly timetable pretty much every day over the Easter break so that I can hopefully get the bulk of all of my coursework done. As we don’t get a reading week in Psychology, I tend to use the Easter break to catch up on work and begin revision.

Another issue with doing several coursework modules is trying to keep your mind on all of them at the same time, this can be really hard if the topics are very different, which is certainly the case for me. My Human Factors essay is about trust in autonomous vehicles, which is really interesting, but also an incredibly new area of Psychology for me, and it is incredibly different to the other two pieces of coursework I have to complete. My Speech and Language essay for example is about how we produce implicatures (so how we imply things in our speech – for example saying ‘he has a good personality’ instead of saying ‘he is unattractive’), which is again super interesting but incredibly complicated as there isn’t actually much evidence in the literature yet! Finally my Final Year Project is again very different, I am looking at potential genes responsible for cognitive deficits in Down Syndrome, by studying mouse models. Although I took the neuroscience model in first semester, so I already have some knowledge about it, I have to go into so much more detail with it being my Final Year Project (with a pretty big word limit!). So I am currently in the middle of doing A LOT of reading for it.

Anyway, sorry that this was just a bit of a rambly rant about my coursework, but I hope it gave you a bit of an idea about the coursework topics you might have in final year!

Please message me any questions you might have 🙂