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A Guide to the Best Locations for Dissertation Photos

9 July 2022

Graduation season is the most exciting time for students, exams have finished, lectures have stopped and dissertations have been submitted. Speaking of dissertations, for many students the long and arduous process of writing the dissertation is celebrated through the use of photos to commemorate the previous year’s hard work. Here is a guide to the best locations for your dissertation photos.

The Student’s Union

While this may seem like a rogue choice, it is nice to have some fun photos to commemorate your dissertation process as well as some that are serious. One option for this could be to take a photo outside of the Student’s Union. The SU is the hub for Cardiff University students whether that comes to socialising in Y Plas and the Taf, training with a society in the great hall or like myself being a part of Cardiff Student Media. While it may not be your first choice for a dissertation photo it is certainly worth a consideration.

Alexandria Gardens

Standing just outside the Main Building and arguably one of the most beautiful areas on the whole of the University campus, Alexandria Gardens is a must when it comes to taking dissertation photos. The beauty of the Welsh National War Memorial paired with the gorgeous cherry blossoms that bloom during the summer make for the perfect backdrop for getting high quality dissertation photos.

Main Building

This is arguably the most popular choice of dissertation for Cardiff University students with many students taking their dissertation photos outside of both the front and the back of the Main Building. The largest and most spectacular building within the university campus rightly serves as the centre point for many students dissertation photos. The Main Building is the focal point of the university and one of the most iconic buildings within Cardiff University. While it may not be the most original, the Main Building makes for a picturesque and striking backdrop for any dissertation photo.

Halls of Residence

The dissertation for most students (outside of exams) marks the end of the university experience. Therefore, what better way to celebrate the end of your Cardiff University experience than by taking a dissertation photo outside of the place where it all began. This once again may not be most people’s first choice for a dissertation photo but I believe that it helps to complete the full cycle of being a Cardiff University student.

Course Building

With many courses offered by the University having their own building, it seems a shame not to take a dissertation photo outside of the building that you have been studying in for a minimum of the last three years. Arguably this is the most important as it will be taken outside the building you have studied in for the majority if not all of your University degree. There is something incredibly satisfying and poignant about taking a dissertation photo in front of the very building that you were taught all the required information.