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A Guide to the Best Libraries at Cardiff University

30 July 2022

With exam season in full swing students throughout the university spend hours in the library writing assignments and revising for exams. However, with twelve libraries around the university campus there are plenty of places for students to find a spot to work in. Here is a guide of where the best places are to work within Cardiff University.

The Health Library

Located on the Heath Campus, the Health Library is perfectly situated for students who study on the Heath Campus, for example students taking Medicine and Nursing. The library located in the Cochrane Building contains collections on many healthcare related courses for example, Allied Health and Midwifery. Located on the Heath Campus means that this library is one of the few libraries that is almost entirely used by healthcare students. Thus making it perfect for students that spend large periods of time working at the Heath Campus but do not have enough time to travel home in between lectures.

Bute Library

Located within Bute Building, Bute Library is filled with collections on a variety of courses, most notably, Geography, Media Studies and Pharmacy. It is arguably the most beautiful of all of Cardiff University’s libraries situated on the first floor of the building. While this may not sound the most important of qualities, studying a physically appealing study space can often help students feel more comfortable and studious. The Bute Building is located at the heart of the Cathays Campus making it very easy to access from students of the courses whose collections are housed here.

Science Library

Located in the magnificent Main Building, the Science Library is home to collections on a selection of courses, mainly Chemistry, Biosciences and Mathematics. It is located on the first floor of the Main Building and offers some of the best views out of any of the university’s libraries. The Main Building is at the centre of the Cathays Campus. Due to this it is perfectly easy for students to find with the Biosciences and Maths buildings located next to the Main Building.

The Arts and Social Sciences Library (ASSL)

The largest and most popular of Cardiff University’s libraries is the Arts and Social Sciences Library, otherwise known as the ASSL. The Arts and Social Sciences Library contains collections on a variety of courses, for example, Economics, Humanities and Languages. The Arts and Social Sciences Library consists of four floors with a Special Collections and Archives section that is located on the Lower Ground floor of the building. The ASSL is at the meeting point between Cathays and the University Campus making it the most accessible library for Cardiff University Students that study on the Cathays Campus. The ASSL is open for twenty-four hours, seven days a week meaning that it is perfect for students that study at every hour of the day.