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A Guide for the Perfect Graduation at Cardiff University

30 July 2022

Graduation is an incredibly special day for any student with many years of hard work and dedication leading towards this celebration of academic achievement. However, the importance of the day can often lead to students worrying over the best way to spend this special day. This is a guide for students to have the perfect Graduation Day at Cardiff University.

Looking the Part

One of the highlights of any students Graduation is the outfit, the cap, the gown and a smart outfit can make any student feel like a million dollars for the day. For any one wearing heels for the day, make sure to bring a spare pair of more comfortable shoes for the day as there is nothing more painful than blisters during your Graduation ceremony. One piece of advice as a graduate, however, is make sure to measure for your cap and gown in advance so you know exactly what your sizing’s are before the big day.

Photos, Photos, Photos

Graduation at Cardiff University is perfect for a variety of unique and picturesque photos to celebrate this momentous celebration. From the Main Building to Alexandra Gardens and the Principality Stadium, Cardiff University and the city as a whole is amazing for getting that perfect Graduation photo. The University goes all out for the celebrations every year and there are plenty of opportunities for both formal and informal photos for family and friends to be a part of.

Leave Plenty of Time for Everything

Whether its collecting your cap and gown or turning up for the Graduation event itself, leaving enough time between events and collections is essential in order to have the perfect Graduation day. The queues will nearly always be longer than you are expecting it to be, so there is no shame in giving yourself an extra half an hour just to make sure that everything runs as smoothly as it possibly can. You do not want to be that person who does not have enough time to collect their cap and gown or the person that turns up to their ceremony ten minutes late.

Enjoy Yourself

Saving the most important piece of advice till last, the most important part about the entire Graduation day is that you, as a student should be enjoying yourself. Grab as many photos as you can in order to commemorate the day and reminisce with friends over memories of the last few years. The most important thing part of your Graduation is you, don’t forget in the bustle of the day that this is your day to celebrate the achievement of hard work and dedication over the previous years of study.