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A Guide to the Best Beaches to Visit in and around Cardiff

30 July 2022

With summer quickly approaching and Cardiff is filled with sunshine many students across the country dream of a quick trip to the beach. Well luckily for Cardiff students there are a plethora of beaches merely a few minutes-drive from the city centre. Whether you enjoy sunbathing all day or want a quick dip in the sea the beaches of South Wales have it all for you. In the following article I will give you a guide to the best beaches in and around Cardiff for you to enjoy during the summer.

Jackson Bay

Situated just off the shore from Barry Island, Jackson Bay is a lovely cove that is sheltered away from the busy cavalcade that is Barry Island. Hidden away from the busier section of the beach, Jackson Bay acts as a perfect option for students that want a slightly more private area of the beach to enjoy alone or with friends. During weekdays when it is quieter, Jackson Bay can often feel like your own private beach and who would not like that. Only a thirty-five-minute drive from Cathays, Jackson Bay is a beautiful alternative to the more popular Barry Island on a warm day. A popular location for BBC filming Jackson Bay offers it all, who knows you may even end up on Gavin and Stacey!

Lavernock Point

Situated at the edge of the mouth of the Severn, Lavernock Point is a beautiful and lesser-known beach, just a thirty-minute drive from Cathays. Perfect for a long walk or even a game of Ultimate Frisbee, Lavernock Point is one of the most picturesque locations, let alone beaches within South Wales. You will be a valuable member of any friendship group if you know about Lavernock Point as it is often neglected by Cardiff students and offers stunning views.

Barry Island

You cannot write an article on the best beaches in and around Cardiff and not include Barry Island. One of the most famous beaches in all of South Wales due to it’s appearance on the hit TV show Gavin and Stacey, Barry Island is a staple visit to any Cardiff University student in the summer. Barry Island offers a wonderful seafront filled with plenty of seaside shops and restaurants to make sure that you never go hungry. If this could not be any more perfect it is only a thirty-minute train away from Cathays that runs very frequently.


Situated just outside Cardiff, in the beautiful town of Penarth, Penarth Beach is a lovely alternative to Barry Island for Cardiff University students. Offering beautiful views and stunning scenery, Penarth is a beach that you do not want to miss when studying in Cardiff. The vast open beach is perfect for a long walk or even a kick about with some friends making it a must for any Cardiff Student in need of some sunshine.