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7 signs that you might be experiencing burn-out

31 January 2023

Many of us tend to push ourselves to the limit by working more than what we can handle. Workaholics often experience this problem because they usually tend to be perfectionists who cannot keep up with themselves. Around exam season it’s easy to push ourselves harder than usual and this can be really stressful.

Fatigue also known as burnout is a stress condition that leads to severe mental, physical and emotional exhaustion.

We’ll better understand these conditions by delving deep into each indication.

  1. You are emotionally drained.

Some of you might have experienced the feeling of lethargy and the disinterest to continue or start working. You might have felt like you had no control over the situation and have no stamina left to continue dealing with the situation. This might be a sign that you are emotionally exhausted.

  1. Social Isolation

Another sign of fatigue is isolating yourself from your friends and family. You might feel like interaction with people is nerve-wracking and would try to avoid attending social events that you usually love going to. This is because you don’t have any energy left to socialise or interact with others and you feel that doing so might get on your nerves resulting in outburst of emotions.

  1. You daydream a lot.

If you are experiencing a burnout, you might feel like you wish to escape into another world. For instance, when you are at work or school, you might have had the feeling of going home to rest or at worst even quitting your job or taking a break from school. This is a definite sign that you are physically or mentally drained.

  1. Your performance falls short.

Have you ever noticed that you are making more mistakes in your work or school than usual? Have you ever felt that your performance in a test or report is not on par with your usual outcome? When you are experiencing burnout, you might feel that it’s extremely hard to start doing a work and might want to give up.

  1. You don’t feel healthy.

There would have been instances when you might have felt that you don’t have enough stamina even after a good night’s sleep. You might also have experienced the feeling of unexplained headaches and stomach-aches. This is due to effect of stress and it weakens your immune system which could prove to be dangerous to your system in the long run.

  1. You experience negative emotions.

Another sign of fatigue is pessimism. When you are experiencing burnout, you find it difficult to stay optimistic and start viewing every situation in negative light. You might feel like you can’t trust yourself or the people close to you.

  1. You feel grumpy.

When you are mentally exhausted, you might feel like others often get on your nerves. You also feel like you’re not suitable for anything and might start hating yourself even for small mistakes that you do. Your bad-temper might affect your personal and professional relationship in the long run.

You have to understand that it is common to experience fatigue and when you start feeling any of these signs, it means that you should focus more on self-care by meditating, exercising, eating a balanced meal, going on walk and so on. If you find it hard to recuperate even after doing these, it would be advisable to consult a health care professional.