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5 things I learnt in my first year

8 December 2020

Attending lectures are better than listening to them later

As much as it was a struggle to get to lecture after a night out, at the end of my first year I realised that I did indeed learn and remember more while I attended lectures in person than when I tried to re-watch them later. In this remote learning environment, I would highly suggest watching the lectures when they are uploaded rather than trying to watch them 5 days later.  

Your lecturers want you to annoy them with your questions  

Initially when I started my first year, I would feel anxious going up lecturers and asking them questions about the content or assignments. However, once I gathered the courage to do so I realised that that doing this actually helped me get better grades. I would constantly email them or set up meetings to ask questions I had.  During the current times you can still do so but these meetings will be virtual but will still be effective.  

Your seminar leaders are your lifeboat 

Seminar leaders work closely with the lecturers to understand the module. In my first-year seminar leaders were the faculty members that marked your assignments. If you start your assignments early then you can consult your seminar leaders on your essay plans, structure or even general doubts will really help you do better with your assignments.   

Trying to do an assignment in 48 hours is not going to get you a first 

This is the worst thing you can do to yourself. Trust me I have written an essay in 48 hours. Every minute of those 48 hours I hated myself for starting an essay that late. Eventually I learned that if I wanted to procrastinate and watch 5 hours of Netflix every time I started working on my assignment, the best thing to do was to start my assignment 2- 3 weeks early so I can binge watch Netflix and start my assignment early enough to not have to finish it last minute.  

There are always people to help you  

The university has systemically placed multiple people who are present just to help you. For example, in JOMEC there is the student support team, the course director, your student mentor, personal tutor and etc. Reach out to them when you are stuck. They are there to help you and support you. Please do not shy away!