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Maximising Excellence in Catalysis

Posted on 24 January 2022 by Peter Rawlinson

The science of catalysis underpins almost everything we do, from fertilising crops to washing our dishes. Researchers at Cardiff Catalysis Institute (CCI) excel in discovering and developing new catalysts – materials that speed up a chemical reaction. A partnership with the Max Planck Society is spearheading the quest for clean water, safer industrial processes and
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Switching to Cardiff innovations

Posted on 17 January 2022 by Peter Rawlinson

Cardiff University helps businesses thrive by sharing academic knowhow. A Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) is one of the best ways for organisations to innovate and grow. KTPs link a business with an expert researcher and a graduate, helping to transfer great ideas and skills. Here, Dr David Bembo, Director of the University’s Research & Innovation
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Culture of innovation at Copner Biotech

Posted on 10 January 2022 by Peter Rawlinson

A biotech company founded by Cardiff University graduates Jordan (BSc 2018) and Alan Copner (BSc 1983) is exploring new research collaborations after lodging new patents. Jordan founded Copner Biotech Ltd in 2020, with the goal of investigating and developing new products and services for the 3D cell culture market. Jordan said growing cells on a
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Campus buildings, Partnerships, People, TRH

A New Era for Electron Microscopy in Cardiff

Posted on 21 December 2021 by Heath Jeffries

A microscope with the ability to image the smallest of objects will arrive at Cardiff Catalysis Institute (CCI) later this month. Cardiff’s first Aberration Corrected Scanning Transmission Electron Microscope (AC-STEM) will allow researchers across the University’s new translational Research Hub (TRH) to build on their world-renowned reputation for novel catalyst development. Thomas E. Davies, from
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