Introducing the class of 2012-13!

Here is a space for this year’s MA students to introduce themselves.

It looks like it’s going to be a very enjoyable year for us again, working with interesting students…

4 thoughts on “Introducing the class of 2012-13!

  1. AvatarSue Mitchell

    I’m returning to study after 30+ years in the corporate world. My Linguistics background comes from the University of Reading in the ’70s and I’ve been meaning to return to it ever since! I’m excited by the advent of Forensic Linguistics since my BA days and about exploring in an academic environment again, drawing on my experience of language and the law from the ‘real world’.

  2. AvatarSimon Ingham

    Hello, I am Simon Ingham and have a First class honours degree in English Language from Cardiff University. During my undergraduate years, I studied a diverse array of modules including Forensic Linguistics. I found this course particularly interesting, hence the reason for continuing my studies in this field. At Masters level, I am particularly looking forward to delving deeper into the issues surrounding disputed authorship and of course visits to Cardiff Crown Court.

  3. AvatarHelen Wright

    I’m Helen.
    Current an MA student at Cardiff University.
    Doing an MA in Forensic Linguistics has really opened my eyes to the on-goings of the legal world. I find it all fascinating; particularly regarding the importance of the complex lexis Lawyers use and the different strategies employed in Police questioning.
    Looking forward to the year ahead!

  4. AvatarLavinia Afshin

    Hey I’m Lavinia (feel free to call me Liv or Livi for short!)
    I am currently an MA student studying Forensic Linguistics and so far I’m really enjoying the modules and content covered 🙂
    I did my undergraduate degree back home in Bristol in English Language and Linguistics where I was very briefly introduced to forensics. It was then that my interest developed hugely and I wanted to gain a greater insight into the complexities surrounding the criminal justice system. Pursuing my studies further into this field was definitely the best option for me 🙂
    I thoroughly look forward to the year ahead!


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