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Advanced Research Residencies

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The Centre for Language and Communication Research, home to CaLL, regularly holds “Advanced Research Residencies” which offer opportunities for scholars from around the world to come together to share their research, learn and study together in a supportive environment.

We are delighted to have hosted an Advanced Research Residency in Language and Law during the Autumn Semester, 2015.

From September to December we held a number of exciting events including a conference, specialist workshop and writing retreat.

You can download the full ARR Programme here to find out more about the activities which took place:


An important part of the ARR was the opportunities it created for scholars to get to know one another, share their work and explore ideas collectively.  Those who visited – and those who hosted – learned a great deal from one another.

We will be organising more ARRs in Language and Law in the future and welcome enquiries from interested collaborators or potential participants.  For more information, please email:  In the meantime, you might be eligible to come to Cardiff as a visiting scholar.  For more information go to: