Session 1 – Wednesday 10th October 2012 (Midday – 1pm)

Our first reading for the group, chosen by Frances Rock is:

Christian Licoppe & Laurence Dumoulin (2010): The “Curious Case” of an Unspoken Opening Speech Act: A Video-Ethnography of the Use of Video Communication in Courtroom Activities, Research on Language & Social Interaction, 43:3, 211-231

The following prompt questions were given:

(1) Provide, for your own use, a short summary of the article – what are its main points and motivations?

(2) What did you respond to this this paper – anything about the research setting, the methods, the findings?

(3) What would you have done differently (in any way) if you had been undertaking this study or reporting it in a research article?

(4) What one question would you like to ask others in the group about this paper? (i.e. if you’d been preparing this task, what would you want people to think about within their preparation?)

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