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Employment relations

Unravelling the dynamics within global supply chains

18 September 2018

In 2008, I attended a lecture in London, organised by Labour behind the Label, where the speaker, Suhasini Singh, explained work being done for the rights of garment workers by Cividep India, a non-governmental organisation based in Bangalore, India.

As a result of that meeting, I visited India to research Cividep’s work first-hand and so began a research relationship that has blossomed over some ten years.

In 2018, Cardiff Business School was delighted to be able to invite Gopinath Parakuni, Cividep’s CEO, along with Ms Yashodha P. Huchanna of Munnade and the Garment Labour Union, to attend the 31st Employment Research Unit Conference as plenary speakers on conditions in the international garment supply chain.

The School’s collaboration with Cividep, India will continue in coming years, supported by an award from Economic and Social Research Council‘s Global Challenges Research Fund.

In this interview, myself and Gopi discuss why our association has been so important, and look forward to many more years of fruitful collaboration.

Dr Jean Jenkins is a Reader in Employment Relations at Cardiff Business School.

Gopinath Parakuni is the General Secretary, Cividep India.