Big Outreach and Education Projects

Here at the school of physics and astronomy, we try to cover all of physics and astronomy with our outreach efforts. But there are several key projects which we have a more significant involvement in. Details of those projects are shown below.

The Herschel Space Observatory

The School of Physics and Astronomy has a key involvement with the Herschel Space Observatory, the most advanced infrared space observatory ever launched. This includes a leading role in the SPIRE instrument on board Herschel, as well as a large number of the astronomy research projects, such as Herschel-ATLAS. To take full advantage of the amazing results Herschel has produced, the Cardiff team has led the UK Herschel outreach efforts.

Inspiring Science Education

The School of Physics and Astronomy is proud to be the UK national coordinator in the Inspiring Science Education (ISE) programme. ISE aims to motivate and stimulate teachers to attract youngsters to the world of scientific discoveries, natural and scientific phenomena and much more by providing them within their classrooms with access to the latest, interactive tools and digital resources.


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