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Workshop 2 – Repair: Materials, Techniques, Communities – Programme

Second-hand Challenges Workshop Series

Workshop 2 – Repair: Materials, Techniques, Communities

Friday, 25th March 2022, 2-5pm UK time

  • Free, online workshop FOR people working in second-hand TO problem-solve challenges of repair
  • To register, please email Alida at paysonAB (at) 

Our second materials-focussed workshop centres on practices of repair.

We will bring together makers, educators, organisers and academics who handle repair in both historical and contemporary settings. We seek to address the challenges encountered in extending the lives of our objects, including a lack of time and skills, fast fashion and designed obsolescence.

Our aim is not just to dwell on the challenges but explore solutions. Through brief talks, discussion, and brainstorming activities, we hope participants will develop strategies and ideas in creating a culture of repair and maintenance, both locally and further afield.

Programme – Workshop 2 – Repair: Materials, Techniques, Communities

(Work-in-progress, subject to updates!)

PART I: Brief talks & discussion on good practice and challenges around repair in the second-hand economy

  • Histories of repairMaya Wassell Smith, Cardiff University, “Stitch in time: Looking at historical repair with 19th century sailors”
  • Community repair 1 – Claire Beadnell, Sustainable Textiles Southsea, “Free sewing-lessons, ten donated sewing-machines and a tonne of donated fabric.  Specialising in how to repair,  adjust and re-design, clothes and other textiles in Portsmouth”
  • Community repair 2Alex Reed, The Easton Cobbler, talking about shoe repair and sharing everyday shoe repair skills
  • Repair Cafés – Phoebe Brown, Repair Café Wales, “Repair cafes- what are they and how can they help tackle overconsumption?”
  • Schools and repair – Helen O’Sullivan, Teacher and PhD Candidate, Sustainable Fashion Education, “Repairing the Fashion Curriculum: Design education, skills for life and the future of fast fashion”
  • Play and repair – Dr Tamara Kneese, Intel, “Refurbishment as Play: Software, Hardware, and Maintenance” 
  • Repair policy and scaling up – Danielle Perkiss, UCL, talking about the Big Repair Project, the Right To Repair & online UK citizen science

Q & A with speakers and discussion 

PART II: Group discussion and brainstorming solutions

  • Guided activities to brainstorm & develop ideas for potential solutions to challenges to repair in second-hand economies.
  • Time for networking, sharing and discussing ideas.

Part III: Takeaways, toolkits, and what’s next?

  • Discussion of next steps for these ideas and the workshop series.

We would love for you to join us!

Please email paysonAB (at) to register

Funded by a Cardiff University ESRC Impact Accelerator Award.