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Jobs and work experience

Work Experience at University

28 April 2021

Often, when applying for a job, the company want people with experience and what better way to gain experience than doing work experience during uni.

At the beginning of uni, I signed up to receive job/work experience alerts from the careers team that related to the degree I am studying. Every week I get an email with a list of companies who are reaching out and want students from Cardiff University to intern with them. The ones that interest me, I then apply through the Cardiff University Careers and Employability web page which you will have access to once you start university. So far, I am currently completing two work experiences with two very different businesses, working on their social media presence and leaflet designs.

Photo by Anthony Shkraba from Pexels

These work experiences have been beneficial as I have learnt so much already and then I can also put them on my CV so I am more employable to future employers. Also, the work experiences have been remote meaning I can work from home and still gain invaluable experience in the field I wish to work in after university.

Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

A short term work experience is great as it only lasts a few months and you spend around 5 hours per week doing work for the company, this means that you still have plenty of time during the week to focus on uni work. You might even find that your work experience actually helps you with your uni work and gives you a deeper insight into what you are learning.

Photo by Kaushal Moradiya from Pexels

Overall, gaining work experience is always going to have a positive outcome as it will enable you to be more employable in the future. Once you start University I would recommend emailing to find out more information about work experience and how to make yourself more employable.

Stay tuned for more videos and blogs!

Miah x