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What I’ve learnt about Cardiff as a first-year University student!

9 August 2023

Living in a place like Cardiff, especially in your first year, teaches you a lot about new cultures, new experiences, new feelings and so much more. If like me, you are also living alone for the first time in your life, just know that it’s such a different and unique and unforgettable experience!
I genuinely think living in Cardiff, a student city, has taught me a lot of new things and made me feel more welcome in my university life. The bustle and hustle of Cardiff is amazing and I have learnt a lot about the city as a whole in my first year. As I move into second year at Cardiff, I thought I should list a few things about Cardiff:

1. The city is a melting pot for so many different cultures and people. It definitely didn’t take me long to realise that living in Cardiff makes me feel at home and not at home at the same time thanks to the presence of multi-cultural people in the city. It feeds both the homesick plus the explorer part of my soul. When I feel out of place, I find people from the same background as me in some cultural events and spend time with them. However, when I wish to explore new places and new cultures, I visit my new friends who have the same exploring spirit as me. The city offers everything for everyone from its exhibits to food places! So take your pick and enjoy.

2. The transportation system is Cardiff is nice enough to use sometimes but definitely not as good as expected. This was a hard truth for me too as I thought Cardiff would offer a great network of transport, just like London. However, the train stations are spaced over considerable distances and the bus system is a bit confusing and delayed sometimes. This isn’t always inconvenient because I have got used to the bus routes but it definitely was something bothersome at the start. One plus point of being in Cardiff is the OVO bike system that it supports. These bikes are literally life-savers and make transport in the city easier! Of course, Cardiff is walkable to the a great extent too.

3. Cardiff is a safe place, thanks to it being a student city. While the Cathays area sometimes has minor complaints from students on night-outs, I have never experienced any kind of safety concern when I have lived in and travelled about Cardiff. It is perfectly dense with a large student population that is helpful. It also helps that there is security on campus that works 24/7 and that the staff in clubs are also extremely alert and active.

4. Cardiff is the perfect blend of modern and classic, with something for everybody. The feel of Cardiff cannot be described in a few words because it has everything- from amazing nature to great food to modern hubs to good amenities to perfect marketplaces. The streets of Cardiff are full of different kinds of buildings and parks, making one feel like they are in a perfectly blended city. You can find quiet and chaotic, both in small distances. The city offers a great day out without expensive rates.