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Tips on how to be prepared when moving into university

24 October 2020

When moving to university, there are lots of things to remember and the last thing you want is to leave everything to the last minute and forget something. This blog aims to inform prospective students of tips on how to be prepared when moving to university. 

Making a checklist or several checklists is always handy to make sure you’ve got everything packed. You might need checklists for the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom and desk/study items. This link includes checklists for many different categories including: vital documents to take to university, electrical items, clothing items and more. I found it helpful to make my own checklist which was personalised to me, however I did read other checklists online before creating one so I remembered the important items websites were recommending to take to university. For last minute items that I couldn’t pack until the morning of going to university I made an extra little checklist on a post it note to ensure I didn’t forget them. 

When packing your things for university, remember to pack in an order that you can remember so that it makes it easier when unpacking into your new room. A piece of advice I would recommend is to pack your things in boxes and you can then clearly label each box with its contents so that unpacking is a breeze. I put clothes into suitcases, as that way it’s easy to remember what’s packed in a suitcase and my clothes wouldn’t get damaged. Rolling up clothes is a really easy way to make more space, this was a life saver when I was packing to go to university – it enabled me to take all the clothes I needed. When packing, remember to wrap anything fragile in bubble wrap or something to protect it – I also made sure I packed these items on top so they didn’t get broken. In addition to this, before packing to go to university in my second and third year I made sure I had cleaned everything I had used in my previous years, this saved me a lot of time when unpacking. 

Reading the accommodation emails you receive is a really important tip. Some accommodations require you to book a slot to move in before you go, this requires both preparation and communication. I made sure I booked my moving in slot early so I got the slot I wanted and avoided disappointment. 

Before going to university, if you want to be ahead of the game, you could have a look at some academic books that might be helpful to read and take to university with you. In addition to this, some of the most important things to take with you include study items like: a laptop, files, desk tidies, stationery, USB stick, notebooks and academic books. 

I hope you enjoyed reading my blog and I hope it has given you some tips on how to be prepared when moving to university. If you have any questions about Cardiff or Cardiff University please feel free to message me using the UniBuddy service.