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Advice for Students

Things to plan for your quarantine

22 October 2021

If you need to quarantine on your arrival in the UK, it can be stressful and difficult as a student. Having recently done a 10-day quarantine, here are a few things I did prior to arriving at my accommodation to help make my quarantine period smoother. Hopefully these tips will help you too! 

  1. Pre-order groceries  

I made a list of all the groceries I might need during my quarantine and pre ordered them from stores like ASDA, Tesco and Morrisons that allow same day or next day delivery depending on availability of slots. Make sure that you have a card that works in the UK to make this process easy and quick. You can also bulk order groceries for the 10 days to save you delivery charges.  

  1. Order essentials from Amazon  

Knowing that quarantine can be difficult in new surroundings, I ordered my essential home items like tissues, handwash, sanitizer etc. from Amazon to arrive the same day. This helped me feel more comfortable in my surroundings and made the quarantine much easier. Ask your accommodation what will be provided and what will not be, so you have a clearer idea of what you need to order.  

  1. Confirm Internet Access  

Before arriving at the place where you will quarantine ensure that there is good WIFI connection. Quarantine is hard as it is, but with bad WIFI connection its much worse. Also check how many devices are allowed to be connected to the WIFI available to you. These are crucial details you must confirm before choosing where to quarantine.  

  1. Have a local number  

To make using apps like UberEATS, Deliveroo or online shopping easier, get a local number that you can use. You will be called during delivery hours or if there is any issue with your order. Therefore, a local number is necessary to have so that you can communicate with the stores without any hassle.  

  1. Download local apps  

Make sure that you download local apps so that when you need anything, you have all the resources necessary   


Tesco Groceries  


Amazon UK  

Always let your family and university know the address and a contact number they can reach you on while you are in quarantine. Other than this, make a list of all your pending work that you can finish during quarantine. That book you never read. Read it now! Keep yourself busy and the days will quickly disappear!