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The Heart of Campus Life: My Adventures with Cardiff’s Students’ Union

3 June 2024

Hey everyone! Today, I want to share my incredible journey and experiences with the Students’ Union at Cardiff University. Being actively involved with the union has not only enriched my university life but also provided me with invaluable skills and lifelong memories. Let me take you through the highlights of my involvement.

During my time at Cardiff University, I was super involved with the Students’ Union. I served as an academic student representative for two years, where I had the privilege of representing my cohort. This role allowed me to gather feedback from students and present it to the staff at various panels. I got to contribute to meaningful discussions, bring back solutions, resolutions, or answers to the students, and participate in Board of Studies meetings and Education and Student Experience Committee meetings. These experiences gave me an inside look at how the university operates and the processes involved in making important academic decisions.

In addition to my role as an academic rep, I also worked for the Students’ Union. This opportunity allowed me to earn while studying, thanks to the Jobshop, which offers a range of part-time jobs, temporary jobs, and one-off gigs for Cardiff University students. Working for the union was a fantastic way to gain work experience, meet new people, and support myself financially during my studies.

My involvement didn’t stop there; I also got involved in student democracy. I ran in elections, winning some and losing others, and became a part of the Heath Park Executive Committee. This role allowed me to be closely involved in shaping events and campaigns organized by the Vice President Heath Park campus of the Students’ Union. Through these experiences, I developed skills in public speaking, effective communication, team collaboration, problem-solving, and teamwork. Balancing these activities with my studies also sharpened my organizational and time management skills.

The Students’ Union is also a hub for social activities and personal development. I joined the Bollywood Dance Society and participated in various taster sessions (known as “Give it a Go” sessions) for different clubs before deciding which ones I enjoyed the most. From knitting to aerial fitness, ABBA Society to Taylor Swift Society, and a whole separate Athletic Union, there are more than 200 societies—something for everyone. If you can’t find a society that fits your interests, you can always start one or save one that’s about to close. These opportunities are fantastic for making friends and having fun.

The Students’ Union also organizes “Give it a Go” trips, where you can travel to other cities at much cheaper rates than traveling on your own. I’ve had the chance to visit Bath, Bristol, Birmingham, and Edinburgh through these trips, creating unforgettable memories with friends and making new ones along the way.

Moreover, the Students’ Union offers extensive support services. The Student Advice department provides non-judgmental, independent advice on academics, health and wellbeing, employment, student life, money, housing, or anything else you might need help with. All you need to do is send them an email or book an appointment. The team is incredibly friendly and helpful, making you feel safe and comfortable.

For those looking to give back to the community, the SU has various volunteering projects you can get involved in. Volunteering is a great way to gain new experiences, develop skills, and make a positive impact.

One of the best aspects of the Students’ Union is the variety of events and gigs it hosts. From live music, bars, and club nights to society events and postgraduate events, there’s always something happening. Surviving a Wednesday night “YOLO” club night is a rite of passage for Cardiff Uni students. However, if you’re like me and prefer a quieter evening, there are plenty of alcohol-free events to enjoy, or you can grab a bite or a refreshing drink at the Taf (your very own student local) or one of the various eateries on the ground floor.

My involvement with the Students’ Union at Cardiff University has been a cornerstone of my university experience. It has provided me with opportunities to grow personally and professionally, make lasting friendships, and create wonderful memories. I encourage all students to get involved and make the most of what the SU has to offer. You won’t regret it!