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The Cardiff Uni Student’s Dictionary

20 June 2024

Welcome to the Cardiff Uni Student’s Dictionary, where we decode the unique slang and jargon you’ll encounter during your time at Cardiff University. Whether you’re a fresher or a seasoned student, this playful glossary will help you navigate campus life with ease (and a few laughs).

1.Taff Trails

Definition: The scenic pathways along the River Taff, perfect for a stroll or a bike ride.

Example: “Let’s take a break from studying and go for a walk along the Taff Trails.”


Definition: The student-centric neighborhood known for its vibrant nightlife and affordable housing.

Example: “I found a great flat in Cathays, just a short walk from the SU.”


Definition: The Students’ Union, the heart of student life with bars, clubs, and study spaces.

Example: “I’ll meet you at the SU before the pub quiz tonight.”

4.Bute Park

Definition: The expansive park next to the university, ideal for picnics, sports, and revision sessions.

Example: “It’s sunny today, let’s do our group project in Bute Park.”

5.ASSL (Arts and Social Studies Library)

Definition: One of the main libraries on campus, often packed during exam season.

Example: “I couldn’t find a seat in ASSL today, it was completely full.”

6.The Taf

Definition: The bar located within the Students’ Union, known for its affordable drinks and pub grub.

Example: “Let’s grab a pint at The Taf after our group meeting.”

7.Heath Park

Definition: The campus area where the medical and healthcare schools are located.

Example: “I spend most of my days at Heath Park for my physiotherapy classes.”

8.The Lash

Definition: The weekly club night hosted by the Students’ Union, a staple of Cardiff nightlife.

Example: “Are you going to The Lash this Wednesday?”

9.Freshers’ Week

Definition: The first week of the academic year, packed with events and activities for new students.

Example: “Freshers’ Week was a blur of parties and meeting new people.”