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The Best Places to Watch the Formula One in Cardiff!

15 August 2022

Whether you are a diehard Hamilton fan or are Ferrari through and through, Cardiff ahs plenty of options when it comes to the UKs favourite motorsport. Whether you want to stay local to Cathays or watch the weekends race in the heart of the city, this list has you covered. In the following article I will list some of the best places within Cardiff to watch F1 whether that be a slightly quieter pub, or a more lively sports bar.

The Taf

Located within the Students Union, The Taf offers showing of the F1 every Sunday and being within the Students Union is one of the best located venues to watch the race. The Taf is usually busy during the race, however, due to the entirely student basis of The Taf the atmosphere is largely friendly and not too intense, making it an incredibly welcoming environment. To make matters even better for students, the Taf offer half price soft drinks every Sunday, just in time to quench that thirst before the big race.


Located in the heart of Cathays, Gassys is one of the most popular bars within Cathays, especially among the student population. Gassys shows the Formula One every weekend and is one of the largest venues on this list, meaning that you will nearly always be able to find a seat for the race. Gassys offers incredibly affordable food and drink available every Sunday, meaning that you will never go hungry when the race is on. Gassys has more of an atmosphere than The Taf due to it being a larger venue, however, due to Gassys being located in the heart of Cathays the atmosphere is still overwhelmingly popular.

The Woodville

Located on the edge of Cathays, The Woodville is one of the most popular pubs within Cathays for students interested in watching live sport. One of the smaller venues on this list means that while the atmosphere is definitely still present during the races it is not overwhelming for a Sunday afternoon. The Woodville offers a selection of food and drink for students throughout the race and if you really enjoy the atmosphere of The Woodville, you can always hang around for the quiz on Sunday evenings.


The only venue on this list outside of Cathays, Walkabout is the perfect venue if you are interested in Formula One and spend a lot of time in the city centre. Walkabout is certainly the liveliest of all the venues on this list as it is a sports bar showcasing sporting events all week. Walkabout offers a selection of food and drink throughout the day and if you are like a livelier atmosphere then Walkabout is an ideal venue for any students that love the drama of Formula One.