student meal ideas

5 Cheap and Healthy Meals

Posted on 18 April 2020 by Rowenna Hoskin

 Cheap Meals to Cook without missing out on juicy flavours  Being a student is tough, you have to juggle your finances and social life. Where does food fit into all of that? Dominoes or Fam Fish. Take away, or even just weekly Tesco shops can really affect your budget. Home cooking is the answer; not only is it a great skill to have, but it is
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What I Eat at University

Posted on 20 September 2018 by Gee

Amongst all the new things that abruptly come into your life when starting University, cooking was probably one of the scariest for me. If cooking is not a skill one already possesses when starting University, it is something you definitely need to learn. Do not worry if all you’re eating for the first few weeks
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