What do you mean, you're disabled?

Posted on 9 May 2014 by Elli

I have a secret. It’s the worst kept secret in the history of secrets though. Everybody (well, everybody I know) already knows it. The secret is this: I have type 1 diabetes. *Gasp!* This means my pancreas stopped producing insulin, a hormone used to get glucose from your blood into your cells (around my 8th
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Time flies when you're having fun!

Posted on 5 May 2013 by Madeleine

Nearly two years ago I sat in the car, staring out the window reading the sign ‘Welcome to Wales’. Now I’m on the countdown to summer and looking at finishing my second year of uni! I’m in disbelief.  Why? Firstly, I swore never to come back to Wales after trekking through the Brecon Beacons on Gold Duke of Edinburgh
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