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Smart Moves: Unlocking Student Travel Discounts Across the UK

8 January 2024
Photo by chan lee on Unsplash
Photo by chan lee on Unsplash

Hello, Cardiff Uni globetrotters! Ready to roam without breaking the bank? As Cardiff Uni students, we’re constantly on the move, whether it’s traveling home for the holidays or just exploring around. And here’s something to remember: being a student doesn’t just come with academic perks; it also opens the door to a world of travel discounts! In this blog, I’ll be sharing some insider tips on how to take advantage of these student travel deals. From local buses to cross-country trains, get ready to make your journeys both affordable and fun!

  1. National Express – A Student Favorite:

Exploring the UK is a breeze with National Express, a favorite among students for almost 50 years. Not only do they offer a 15% discount through platforms like UNiDAYS, Student Beans, Prime Student, and TOTUM, but their coaches are also tailor-made for student travel. With features like free Wi-Fi, charging ports, and plenty of luggage space, you can travel in comfort without stretching your budget. From Scotland’s capital to the southern English coast, National Express connects you to a wide array of destinations, making it ideal for visiting friends, family, or just seeking a new adventure.

Photo by Umair D on Unsplash
  1. Cardiff University’s Travel Deals:

Cardiff University ensures that your journey to campus is as smooth as possible, especially for international students. Through a partnership with National Express, the university offers a 20% discount for travel from major UK airports, making your arrival convenient and cost-effective. This service is particularly useful during the busy September intake, offering a seamless transition to university life.

  1. The 16-25 Railcard – Your Ticket to Affordable Train Journeys:

Embrace the scenic beauty of train travel with the 16-25 Railcard. This little gem is perfect for students aged 16-25, offering a third off most rail fares. Whether it’s a spontaneous trip to a new city or a regular journey home, the savings with this railcard can be significant. Train travel is not only a scenic option but also a swift way to traverse the country, making it ideal for those weekend adventures or holiday travels. The 16-25 Railcard is a great investment for students who frequently use trains and are looking to make their travel more economical.

  1. Local Buses and Coach Travel – Budget-Friendly and Convenient:

Looking for the most economical travel options? Don’t overlook local buses and coach services. Local buses often offer special student fares, providing a cost-effective solution for daily commutes or quick trips in and around the city. For longer journeys, consider the Young Persons Coachcard from National Express. At £12.50 a year (or £30 for three years), it slashes coach fares by a third and offers additional discounts for festival and event travel. These options are not just about saving money; they’re about smart travel choices that add convenience and flexibility to your student life.

Photo by micheile henderson on Unsplash

Cardiff Uni students, armed with these tips, you’re all set for your travel adventures! Whether it’s heading home, visiting friends, or just exploring new places, remember that smart travel doesn’t have to be expensive. With these student discounts and options, you can journey more for less. So, where are you off to next?