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My favourite places to study in Cardiff

11 December 2023
Photo by Headway on Unsplash
Photo by Headway on Unsplash

With the beginning of December comes Christmas shopping, cute markets and cosy evenings but, for the student population at least, it comes with the end-of-semester essays and preparing for exam season. To help keep us all focused, here is a list of great study and remote work locations around Cardiff, perfect for ticking some tasks on the dreaded to-do lists.


Located on Crwys Road, Rhostio is a popular place to study and meet among Cardiff students. The interior is beautifully decorated, the staff are friendly and there is a comfortable vibe that is perfect for focusing on work in a chilled-out environment. However, Rhostio can be expensive and can be busy at peak times. It should also be noted that the wifi is timed for 90 minutes before you need to buy something else.

The Bike Lock

Is a meeting and event venue so, as well as being a cafe, this is a more professional space which can be motivating for getting work done. The friendliness of the staff makes it a comfortable space to do work without feeling pressured to keep buying something, which isn’t ideal for students on a budget. However, if you get peckish, there is a delicious menu of meals and snacks to keep your energy levels up while doing your work. In addition, there is great access to plug sockets to charge up and fast wifi.


The best part of studying at Bacareto is how you can purchase a day pass, which includes unlimited tea and Americano coffee, working out cheaper than needed to buy something every hour or so. This means that you can work from a creative community workspace, not just for students, but with a more professional atmosphere to help keep you motivated.

Science Library

The Science Library, located on the first floor of the main building, is a student study space, full of other students studying. This is the ultimate student aesthetic to inspire you to get work done and be your most productive self. Additionally, this is a free space for students to visit that does not require a purchase on sight, helping you save money and its campus location saves you from walking into the city centre.


Finally, the Bunkhouse cafe hosts dedicated work zones for your productive moments. The cafe has plenty of power plugs and free wifi, making it a great space away from campus to get stuff done. Bunkhouse is a hostel and bar, in the evening, so be prepared for it to also be a social space. Despite this, for those who don’t mind a slightly more social space to do work, the relaxed environment makes Bunkhouse a great local place to study in Cardiff during the week.