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Must-Have Apps for Cardiff University Freshers

22 March 2024
Photo by Artem Beliaikin on Unsplash
Photo by Artem Beliaikin on Unsplash

Hey there, future Cardiff Uni stars! 🌟 Stepping into university life can feel a bit like diving into the deep end, right? But fear not! I’ve been exactly where you are now and understand how overwhelming it can feel. To make your transition as smooth as possible, I’ve compiled a list of must-have apps that will turn your smartphone into a magic wand for navigating life at Cardiff University. From managing your studies to exploring the vibrant city around us, these apps are the toolkit you didn’t know you needed. So, let’s get you set up for success and make sure you’re ready to make the most of your Cardiff University experience!


Kicking off our must-have list is the “Students” App, your go-to guide for all things Cardiff Uni. Forget about the hassle of tracking down where and when your next class is; this app’s got you covered with your personal timetable and class locations at your fingertips. Plus, it keeps you in the loop with the latest university news. And here’s a cool part: some lectures require a quick tap in the app to register your attendance. It’s like having a personal university assistant right in your pocket. So, make sure to snag it and keep your university life organised and stress-free!

Blackboard Learn

Next on our list is “Blackboard Learn,” your digital gateway to Cardiff University’s Learning Central. Ever felt lost in the sea of course materials or anxious about your latest scores? Worry no more! With Blackboard, all your course content and grades are just a tap away. It’s like having your entire academic life streamlined into one app. So, whether you’re in a coffee shop or on a bus, you can quickly check in on your studies without skipping a beat.


And then there’s Zoom, our virtual classroom and meeting room rolled into one. Ever had a lecture from your bed? With Zoom, it’s totally a thing. It’s the app that keeps us connected for online classes or when joining those all-important meetings. Picture this: learning and collaborating with peers and professors, all from the comfort of wherever you choose. So, grab your coffee, find your cosiest spot, and get ready to Zoom into action. It’s the new normal, and honestly, it’s not half bad!

Cardiff Students’ Union:

Say hello to the ‘Cardiff Students’ Union’ App – it’s your virtual pass to all the cool events and buzz happening around campus. Ever found yourself stuck in a queue at the Taf, itching to catch up with friends instead? This nifty app sorts you out. Just settle at your table, order up some grub or a cheeky cocktail right from your phone and chill. The latest campus news? It’s all there too. So kick back, relax, and let the app bring the Students’ Union vibe straight to you. It’s all about making your student life a breeze, one tap at a time!

Microsoft 365 Apps:

Last but definitely not least is the Microsoft 365 Apps suite. It’s a total game-changer for us Cardiff University students. Just log in with your student account, and boom—you’ve got the whole Office suite for free. No more “Sorry, can’t open this file” dramas. Whether it’s firing off emails on Outlook or catching up with group projects on Teams, it’s got you covered.