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International Journalism (MA) Unforgettable study trip in Gregynog

22 November 2023
Published on March 4, 2017 by Annie Spratt under the Unsplash License
Published on March 4, 2017 by Annie Spratt under the Unsplash License

Have you ever heard of Gregynog? It’s an amazing place nestled in the breathtaking landscapes of Wales that offers an experience you’ll never forget. It’s a perfect blend of history, tranquility, and a touch of magic that calls out to students to dive into the depths of contemplation and learning. It’s not just a retreat, it’s a sanctuary for curious minds eager for exploration. So, let me tell you what drew me to this haven, and take you on a journey through Gregynog and the exhilarating Pitch Forum that left a lasting impression on my academic journey.

Cozy Abode and Coffee Bliss: Gregynog’s Haven

So, imagine rolling up to Gregynog—it’s like entering a fairytale. My snug single room with its ensuite bathroom was a dream, and bonus: the dining room was practically at my doorstep. No stress about meal times here; it’s all about convenience.

single room G2 in Gregynog

And the room options at Gregynog? They’ve got it all, from singles to quadruples for when you’re feeling social. Flexibility at its finest, catering to everyone’s vibe.

Now, let’s spill the beans about the heart of Gregynog—the coffee bar. It’s not just a caffeine fix; it’s a vibe. I’m swearing by the iced vanilla latte; it’s like a sip of heaven. Picture this: you’re sipping your latte, looking out at the garden, and life is just good. Bonus points if you take a stroll on those scenic trails during the enchanting evening hours. Trust me, it’s the stuff dreams are made of.

From Nerves to Growth: Pitch Forum Moment

Fast forward to Friday morning—my Pitch Forum moment. Sure, nerves were there, but thanks to some killer preparation, I rocked that 60-second pitch. The feedback? Pure gold. The teachers were like mentors, guiding me through the process and turning what seemed daunting into a total growth moment.

Beyond Academics: Reflecting on Personal Growth

So, after the Pitch Forum, I took some time to reflect on everything that happened and I realized something pretty cool. Not only did I refine my dissertation project, but I also picked up some amazing skills and insights that I can use outside of academia.

The Pitch Forum was definitely nerve-wracking, but it ended up being a pretty transformative experience for me. Can you believe that I only had 60 seconds to present my pitch? But that moment turned out to be a crucial point of self-discovery. The feedback I received from the supervisory team not only helped me improve my presentation skills, but it also sparked something within me—a newfound sense of resilience and adaptability.

When I was at Gregynog, I had an amazing experience that was about so much more than just academics. I loved taking evening strolls with other students against the backdrop of the beautiful scenery there. It was a great way to make new friends and build a sense of community. During these walks, we talked about everything from our academic pursuits to our biggest dreams and aspirations. It was really inspiring and we all supported each other along the way.

When I think back on my personal journey, it dawns on me that the Pitch Forum was so much more than just a platform to perfect my pitch. It was an opportunity to embrace the fine art of clear and concise communication, to be receptive to constructive feedback and to cultivate the resilience needed to overcome challenges that lie ahead.

In conclusion, Gregynog has become more than a venue—it’s a chapter in my academic story. Gratitude fills my heart for the inspiring surroundings and the invaluable experiences gained. To future MA in International Journalism enthusiasts, consider this your invitation. Gregynog and the Pitch Forum are not just events; they are stepping stones to a fulfilling academic journey. As I look forward, I can’t help but anticipate the endless possibilities that the MA programme holds for those eager to embark on this adventure. The door is open, the coffee’s brewing—why not join me in this exciting chapter at Cardiff University?