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Four Reasons Why You Should Be a Student Mentor.

23 February 2024

When I first started university, I was incredibly apprehensive. However, upon discovering the student mentor program in my first year I soon felt at ease and my anxiety lessened.  

I immediately signed up to have a student mentor, I had a friendly face to turn to for guidance, which eased a lot of the worries I had. Due to the success of being a mentee to a mentor in my first year I know I wanted to give back to the university in my second year and become a student mentor myself. So that is exactly what I did.  

I’d like to share four reasons as to why you should consider being a student mentor, in hope that you will gain some inspiration to sign up.  

I have definitely been faced with many challenges that I have had to overcome. However, I have learnt a lot, met many people, and I have taken immense pride in all of my achievements.  

After completing the necessary training, I felt confident in my ability to mentor mentees within my academic school.  

Being a friendly face and making friends. 

Your role as a student mentor naturally puts you in a position of being a friendly face, enabling you to foster a positive and welcoming experience to new student. It is often the case that mentoring helps you build friendships, thereby expanding your social network. Being a student mentor allows you to interact with a diverse group of students, each with their own unique backgrounds and perspectives. This is incredibly enriching to you and your own experiences, but it also enhances the dynamics of your mentor group. As a result of the success of being a friendly face, this is one of the first reasons why you should consider being a student mentor. 

Networking and being part of a community. 

A second reason why you should be a student mentor is that it offers opportunities to network and be part of a wider community. As a student mentor, you become part of a vast network of individuals with similar interests and goals. The skills you learn from interacting and engaging with other people in the wider community provides you with skills that you will take forward into the rest of your life after you graduate from university. 

Enhancing your interpersonal skills. 

Throughout your time as a mentor, you acquire a wealth of skills. As a student mentor, you learn to plan effectively, work under pressure, communicate clearly, and listen actively. These skills are crucial in various aspects of your life and this in turn improves your employability. Ultimately, it is a great experience to put on your CV. 

Building confidence 

As a mentor, you are frequently putting yourself out of your comfort zone. You must interact with numerous people which can be daunting. But, as a student mentor, you get the opportunity to gain confidence in these interactions, making them feel more natural over time. Due to the confidence, you will gain as a student mentor, it makes the role even more rewarding. 

I hope you feel inspired to become a student mentor yourself as it is an incredibly enriching experience to be part of.  


Photo by alexis-brown-omeal on Unsplash