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Dragons in Cardiff: A Guide to Celebrating Chinese New Year as a Student Abroad

8 January 2024
Photo by Adrian Raudaschl on Unsplash
Photo by Adrian Raudaschl on Unsplash

Hello, Cardiff Uni family! As the Lunar New Year approaches on February 10, many of us find ourselves far from home. But who says we can’t find the warmth of tradition right here in Cardiff? This blog is dedicated to all of us who wish to celebrate Chinese New Year with the same fervor and festivity as back home. I’ll take you through the streets of Cardiff to explore how we, as students, can immerse ourselves in the celebrations, savoring a taste of home while embracing the Welsh hospitality

Welcoming the Dragon Year

With the arrival of the Chinese New Year, Cardiff students can celebrate the Year of the Dragon, a sign of might and good luck in Chinese tradition. The festivities invite everyone to dress in red for joy and to share in the happiness of the season. Students can participate in making festive decorations or enjoy traditional dishes, connecting with the community over these cherished customs. Cardiff’s events offer a warm space to gather, enjoy the company, and welcome the lunar new year with enthusiasm and shared experiences.

Photo by Jason Leung on Unsplash

Dragon’s Delight: A Chinese New Year Celebration

Join the exquisite ‘Red Dragon Ladies Lunch‘ on February 2nd, 2024, at The Riverside Cantonese Restaurant to celebrate the Chinese New Year. This vibrant affair promises an ambiance dripping in prosperity’s colors—rich reds and gleaming golds—while you indulge in a banquet that’s a testament to Chinese culinary artistry. It’s not merely a lunch; it’s a fusion of culture, compassion, and community, supporting a noble cause. Embrace the elegance of tradition with your most stylish red outfit, and let’s toast to the Year of the Dragon, making this gathering a cherished moment of joy and unity. Secure your place at this captivating event and witness the festivities unfold in a symphony of taste and togetherness.

Chinese in Wales Association’s Year of the Dragon Event:

Cardiff’s Chinese community is set to welcome the Year of the Dragon with a host of festivities at the Swansea National Waterfront Museum on February 11th, 2024. Immerse yourself in a cultural extravaganza featuring the magnificent Dragon dance, traditional dances, and a choir, bringing a piece of China to Wales. Don’t miss the cultural and arts workshops, and the chance to pick up unique Chinese goods and snacks. Stay tuned for the lucky draw finale – a tradition that could bring a dash of extra fortune to your New Year celebrations! For participation and more event details, be sure to check out the Chinese in Wales Association website.

Photo by Rod Ramsell on Unsplash

Whether you’ve found joy in the festive banquets, the lively dances, or simply in the company of friends old and new, remember that every shared moment adds to our tapestry of memories. Keep the fire of the Dragon’s spirit alive in your hearts, and may it light your path until we all come together again for the next Lunar New Year. Share your cherished moments and experiences with us, and let’s continue to weave these beautiful traditions into the fabric of our Cardiff Uni community.