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Choosing Modules as a second-year Journalism student!

30 October 2023

When you finish your first year and find out that you do get to pick every single module that you will study in your second year, it leads to excitement and a sense of liberation. Yet, when the process actually begins, it can be quite daunting because the options are a lot more than you expect and the guidelines need to be read through completely before you understand it all. So, don’t worry, you are not alone and after you have read this blog, you will understand not only the whole process better but you will also know what to expect and where to go if you need any help throughout the process.

To begin with, the selection process for Journalism modules opens at the end of the year, roughly between May- June. This is the pre-selection survey which records the initial choices for your modules so that you can reserve a spot on the admission book basically. After that, the survey shuts and is reopened at the start of the year, which is September- October and during enrolment week, the final module selections go through and are confirmed by the Journalism student support team if they weren’t approved in the first go. After that, the portal for reselection of modules opens once again in December, allowing you to rethink and change your Spring Semester modules if you wish to do so. (Such a relief that is!)

This entire process is done with the help of two simple applications- SIMS and Emails. So, I’d

recommend regularly opening your Outlook (the one that has your professional, email address) and keeping an eye out for regular updates. The initial module selection email sends multiple reminders and remains open for a few days so the chances of you missing the deadline are low but there can often be a mountain of unopened emails so please open any emails that are sent by the Journalism school and student support office. On your SIMS portal, there is a section called the ‘Programme of Study Information 20xx/xx’. This is where you can submit your choices and also request to change your selected modules.

Once you have submitted a request to select or reselect your modules, the student support office will have to approve or reject your choices before you can take another action. So, if something is urgent, please do email the Journalism Student Support at or drop in to talk to them during working hours on the first floor of the Journalism building where they have an office connected to the library. They are extremely helpful and they can help you sort stuff out throughout the year.

When it comes to selecting your modules, please don’t stress. I know the options look vast but they can be narrowed down if you read their descriptions by going to the Cardiff University website here. Once you open the page, please scroll down to the course structure section of the page and click on read more to see all the various modules and their comprehensive descriptions. This will make choosing your modules so much simpler. Moreover, the Journalism student support team does drop-in sessions during the enrolment week wherein they help you select modules by discussing them in depth and clearing any confusions that you might have.

So, be assured that there is always help available and enjoy your second/ third year! All the best.