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Cardiff’s Best Plant-Based Cafes You Should Try.

6 March 2024

I have now been a vegetarian for over seven years and my love for plant-based foods has only grown. So, when I first moved to Cardiff last year, I knew I wanted to explore all of the plant-based cafes that were on offer. Cardiff is known for its authentic and vibrant cafes and the variety of plant-based cafes has not been a disappointment. Even if you are not a vegetarian or vegan I think it is still important to incorporate plant-based dishes into your life.  You should never doubt plant-based dishes, as they are always packed with incredible flavours. Here are some of my favourite plant-based cafes to visit in Cardiff.

The Atma Lounge  

The Atma Lounge is a 100% plant-based cafe, that was founded on a inspiring concept, providing meals to people that are in need. The atmosphere there is incredibly welcoming and calming. All of their food is incredibly hearty, delicious and nutritious. Everything is incredibly well priced and the staff are friendly. All their food is cooked fresh daily and they offer a variety of different dishes. Their curries and dals are incredible tasty, but they also offer falafel wraps and crispy bhaji. Plus, they offer a wide range of smoothies, teas and hot drinks.

The Atma Lounge- Photo by Katie Storrie.


Luna’s Vegan Corner

This was the first ever vegan cafe I went to when I first moved to Cardiff. I went with my first year flatmates and I have been back may times since. From a morning brunch to a Sunday roast, it has you covered. They too offer a wide range of smoothies and cakes. My favourite dish would have to be the vegan pancakes, with freshly squeezed orange juice. However, I equally could not resist a Sunday Roast. The staff are very welcoming and even if you don’t want to have a full meal, it is a great place to grab a coffee and a cake, to either have in or take away.

Luna’s Vegan Corner- Photo by Katie Storrie.


Anna Loka 

Anna Loka has also been one of my all-time favourites. Unfortunately, due to the cost of living crisis, they will soon be closing down. However, I did not want to not mention this place. It is such a great company and their food never disappoints. Even though their main restaurant is closing down, they are still offering a reduced service for the time being. They have also been booked to attend many food festivals in and around Cardiff. They have a huge selection of food, from wraps to burgers.  My favourite dishes are the ones that have tofu in it.

Anna Loka- Photo by Katie Storrie.


Here is just a small insight into the plant-based cafes and restaurants in Cardiff. I hope you feel inspired to try some yourself, but also discover some new ones. Whether this is your first time exploring a plant-based diet, or you have been a vegetarian like myself for a while, I can promise that you will not be disappointed.