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Cardiff Uni freshers’ Guide: The Ultimate Shopping List for Starting Your Adventure

28 March 2024

Hey fellow Cardiff newcomers! I’m excited to share with you some insider tips on the Cardiff Students’ Shop, your go-to spot for decking out in university pride. From essential Cardiff University hoodies that are perfect for those chilly library sessions to the coolest stationery for note-taking, this shop has got you covered. Plus, snagging some unique memorabilia means you’ll always carry a piece of your Cardiff experience with you. Let’s dive into the must-haves and can’t-miss items that make university life both fun and memorable.

Card Carry in Color

Let’s talk about a game-changer for your daily campus life: the Cardiff University lanyard. This isn’t just any lanyard; it’s practically a lifeline. With our student cards being essential for getting around campus, losing them is a hassle we can all do without. Whether you’re a bit scatterbrained or just love being organized, this lanyard is a must-have. I’ve got the vibrant rainbow one, which adds a pop of color to my day, but I’m eyeing the sleek navy for a more understated vibe. It’s not just for your student card; I’ve hooked my student accommodation key to it as well, making it a daily necessity. Trust me, this little accessory is a big deal. Check it out here!

Eco Chic on Campus

Let’s dive into another must-have: the CU Logo Cotton Shopper. Honestly, I’ve used this bag for everything—grocery, books, you name it. It’s not just about the utility; this tote holds a ton of memories for me. It’s like a piece of Cardiff I’ll carry long after we’ve all moved on from our university days. Plus, it’s eco-friendly and stylish. Want to make it part of your university journey too? Check it out here!

Hoodie Vibes

Alright, Cardiff family, let’s talk hoodies—those Cardiff Uni ones? Absolute must-haves. They’re not just any hoodies; these pieces are a blend of fashion-forward design and comfort that makes you look and feel amazing. The quality? Unmatched. They keep you cozy on those chilly walks to lectures. And the style? Spot on. Wearing one feels like carrying a piece of university pride with a side of chic. Trust me, you’ll want to live in these. Ready to up your hoodie game? Check them out here.

Shopping Tips

Next up, I’ve got some shopping insights to share with you all. To keep up with the freshest Cardiff Uni shop drops, definitely give a follow to @lovecardiffsu on Instagram. As someone who can’t resist a good find, I’ve discovered some awesome deals there, especially during holiday seasons. Would you prefer to browse in person? The shop’s waiting for you on the ground floor of Cardiff Students Union, open from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Any questions? Drop them an email at For those waiting on deliveries, UK ones take about 3-5 days, while international orders might take 7–10 days. Happy hunting!

Wrapping this up, Cardiff newcomers, I hope these snippets from our university shop spark excitement for your upcoming journey! From securing your essentials with a vibrant lanyard to carrying a piece of Cardiff in a chic tote and cozying up in our stylish hoodies, there’s something for every part of your student life. Remember, keeping an eye on @lovecardiffsu on Instagram means you won’t miss out on exclusive deals. As you step into this new chapter, these items aren’t just purchases; they’re a way to carry the Cardiff spirit with you every step of the way. Here’s to making your university days unforgettable and stylish! Happy shopping, and welcome to the Cardiff University family!