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Cardiff: The Safe City

21 November 2023
Published on August 9, 2022 by Callum Blacoe under the Unsplash License
Published on August 9, 2022 by Callum Blacoe under the Unsplash License

Choosing a city for your studies involves many factors, and safety is often a top priority. As a student ambassador at Cardiff University, I am frequently asked a critical question by prospective students on Unibuddy: Is Cardiff a safe city? Join me as we explore the safety landscape of Cardiff, based on my personal experiences, and discover the reassuring reality beneath its vibrant exterior.

Safety Atmosphere:

Cardiff boasts a confident and secure urban ambiance that is widely recognised. No matter if it’s the bustling daytime activities or the tranquil nights, the streets are always brimming with energy. The residents of Cardiff are always vigilant, creating a dynamic and absolutely secure environment. In Cardiff, safety is not just a perception but a statistical reality, with low crime rates setting it apart from other urban centers.

Campus Safety:

Cardiff University takes safety seriously. With a dedicated security team and regular patrols, students feel safe throughout the campus. During my late-night study sessions at the library, security personnel provided a reassuring presence, allowing me to focus on my academic pursuits. At the welcome party, I saw patrol cars stationed around the venue, manned by professional security personnel, emphasising that safety is a tangible commitment at Cardiff University.

Published on September 8, 2021 by Taylor Floyd Mews under the Unsplash License

Personal Experiences:

During my time in Cardiff, I have been fortunate enough to have a number of positive experiences that exemplify the city’s safety. One day, while I was exploring an unfamiliar area, I got lost. However, to my surprise, the locals were quick to offer their help, demonstrating the warmth and camaraderie that characterize Cardiff’s community spirit.

Community Support:

Cardiff’s culture of community extends beyond individual safety measures. The university and local community organizations regularly organize safety training sessions and information-sharing events, which help foster a collective sense of responsibility. These initiatives not only equip students with essential safety knowledge but also create a network of support, emphasising that safety is a shared endeavor.

Cultural Harmony:

The diverse culture of Cardiff enhances the safety narrative. As someone from a different cultural background, I was initially worried about adapting to a new environment. But the inclusive nature of the city and its residents quickly dispelled those concerns. Cardiff’s multiculturalism not only contributes to its vibrant atmosphere but also adds layers of understanding and tolerance, further enhancing the overall sense of safety.

Published on May 31, 2021 by Grooveland Designs under the Unsplash License

Recommendations and Resources:

If you’re a student planning to visit Cardiff in the future, my advice would be to be vigilant and cautious while also being open to the warm embrace of the city. Make the most of the safety resources provided by the university, attend community events, and connect with other students. In my experience, staying informed and connected has been crucial in ensuring a safe and enjoyable stay in Cardiff.

As a student in Cardiff, I have discovered more than just a city for my studies; it has become a safe and lively home for me. Through this blog, I hope to address the safety concerns that many prospective students may have and encourage them to experience the unique charm of Cardiff. Beyond the academic pursuits, Cardiff offers a rich and secure journey where safety is not just a concept, but a daily reality.