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Best study spots

28 April 2021

Finding study spots is important when at university and having a big workload. I find it is nice to study in different places to be able to get a change of scenery. I am going to go through a few study spots in this blog and I hope they are helpful when deciding where to study in the future. 

In your bedroom 

I find studying in my bedroom is great when it is raining or I need to make sure I’ve got silence. Your bedroom is also a space you can make sure you are by yourself studying and put on music if you like to study with music on. It is probably the most common place that students tend to study in. I make sure I am sat at my desk when studying to ensure I am productive. I find if I am sat on my bed I am less productive and start getting tired quicker. 

In your kitchen

Studying in your kitchen means you will get a change of scenery from your bedroom when working.I find sometimes I concentrate better in the kitchen and find it easy to grab a drink or a snack when I need one. It is important to stay hydrated when studying so studying in the kitchen helps me to do that. 


There are so many outdoor spaces that are more important in our lives than ever before because of the impact of COVID-19. There are several places you could study outdoors like in a country park, in your garden or outside your accommodation. Studying outside enables you to get some fresh air at the same time as working, and this could enable you to be more productive. The only barrier to studying outside is access to Wi-Fi, however you could always connect to your personal hotspot on your phone if you don’t need much Wi-Fi. 

At a cafe or coffee shop   

There are lots of cafes and coffee shops in Cardiff you could go and study at. Make sure you check COVID-19 guidelines before going to a cafe or coffee shop to study. A cafe or coffee shop normally have free access to Wi-Fi and there are many different coffee shops and cafes to choose from to ensure they suit your study environment. 

At the library

The university libraries offer free Wi-Fi and easily accessible computers. During COVID-19, please check the guidance on the university website on how to access your library and whether you need to book a study slot. Some university libraries offer study spaces and these are available to book out too. 

With friends

Studying with friends can help to boost motivation and productivity. You could study with friends at yours and their house/flat, outside, in a cafe or coffee shop or in a university library. Make sure you check the government COVID-19 guidance before meeting friends inside or outside to ensure you are following the current restrictions.

I hope you have found this blog helpful. If you have any questions regarding Cardiff or Cardiff University please feel free to message me using the UniBuddy service.