Third year English literature student at Cardiff University... pioneering the new vlog section for Cardiff Insiders

Big fan of sport, cinema, music and Bombay mix. Previously I served on the Christian Union exec and I've enjoyed being a member of Xpress radio too.

Fun fact: When I was five I asked for invisible ink for Christmas. My parents convinced me that it had arrived but I just couldn't see it.

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9 Questions about Cardiff

Posted on 4 Awst 2017 by Joe

“University’s like this little world, a bubble of time separate from everything before and everything after.” From the other side of the world, admittedly, it was difficult to feel a part of my graduation ceremony when watching via live stream – as brilliant as that service was. However, it did not stop my feelings for
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Tips for my Fresher Self

Posted on 11 Gorffennaf 2017 by Joe

As mentioned, here is the second June video, in the Chiang Rai series… Tips for my freshers self is the aim of this video. I’ve concentrated on three specific areas; picking halls, societies and life outside of the university bubble. Hopefully you may find something useful in this video, even its one isolated comment. As
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Cardiff Insiders; Abroad #ChiangRai1

Posted on 10 Gorffennaf 2017 by Joe

  An introductory video to the mini series following a Cardiff Insider on his travels after University. Cardiff Uni and the city alike boasts a multicultural environment and a plethora of societies, many of which open the door to learning about other countries and cultures. The area of Thailand that I shall be based/ am
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Eating out in Cardiff… A student’s perspective

Posted on 31 Mai 2017 by Joe

    Let’s head out into Cardiff for some grub. Its always an attractive option when we fancy a break from cooking or for those who don’t like to dabble in tesco’s stiry fry mix and green paste,  its a treat in amongst those dodgy packet pasta meals. I spent a little time with some
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Vlog #2 // Give it a Go // Promotional Video

Posted on 21 Chwefror 2017 by Joe

A quick video covering two Give it a Go events that Cardiff University has put on recently. This is just one from a series dedicated to Give it a Go… The featured events this time include Flat mate speed dating and the Brecon Waterfall walk. For those who are unfamiliar with the former, it is
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