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Amazing Food Places In Cardiff

14 May 2022

Ever felt so lazy to cook yet you’re starving? Don’t worry it’s not just you, so many people feel this especially when bummed with a lot of work or busy with studies and revision and during such time, take out or ordering in might be your best bet. Other people like to eat out or go to restaurants to socialise and build that relationship with their flatmates and friends. I have felt both above and have explored around for a bit. I have basically been your trial-and-error subject and I am about to suggest some restaurants that have blown my tastebuds. (All are halal too!)


This little Indian dine in/ takeaway place is fairly known in the UK and Cardiff has a branch too located on City Road. Funnily, it was the first place I went to with friends in Cardiff. From selling savoury Indian food and breakfast, snacks, Indian street food to desserts, cold and hot drinks, they will leave you wanting for more. The prices are fairly expensive for the portion size, but the taste compensates.



You will hear Muslims call this “the halal McDonalds” because they make similar burgers yet have a menu more riveting than McDonalds and they are halal unlike McDonalds. (Halal – relating to meat prepared as prescribed by Muslim law). Their menu is huge, and their sauces are finger-licking tasty. I personally enjoy the Big Slam, but they definitely live up to standards for everything else. I think their prices are affordable too! They are also located on City Road.

Masala Bag

Another Indian restaurant on Crwys Road that did not disappoint. After a tired, sporty day all I wanted was good food and the restaurant left me imagining more that I even had to order it home another day! The restaurant has a very traditional vibe and peace to it and the food is just homely. I personally recommend the butter chicken curry, lentil curry with rice/ naan or lamb biryani.


Mint and Mustard

This restaurant is a hidden gem even though it is slightly on the expensive side. It is located closer to student residences (Talybont) and is on Whitchurch Road. The restaurant is very beautiful and has a calming ambience. Regarding the food, before you look at the bill you will probably have one of the best times of your life eating it. It is authentic Indian food, very aromatic and filling for sure (good portion sizes).



I believe this is one of the best Turkish restaurants out there. Amazing grilled meats and rice, breads, desserts and ofcourse Turkish tea. They offer vegetarian options too which are amazing. I went here with a group of my course mates, and we had one of the best days ever with our highlight being the food. The restaurant is very welcoming and the servers there are simply nice! You can find this restaurant in the city centre.



Heavenly Desserts

I don’t know where to start to describe this little dessert haven. See what I did there… Anyways, heavenly desserts, also located in the city centre is one of the best dessert places you will ever go to. Whether you’re craving a waffle, crepe, milk cake, sundae, brownie, ice-cream, anything … name it and it’s there. And not just there but deliciously there. I have forgotten the world when there and have enjoyed every bit of it. The prices do lean on the pricier side, but they are worth it. The place itself screams vibes and is beautiful and serene.


These are just a few of the places I have been to. There are a lot more around Cardiff in different areas with different cuisines and maybe I might write a part 2 one day since I wasn’t able to fit them all in here. I hope I’ve encouraged you to try new food and visit new places.