Symud mewn i Dŷ

Posted on 3 Rhagfyr 2019 by Daniel

Ar ôl blwyddyn o fyw mewn Neuadd Breswyl yng Ngogledd Talybont, roeddwn – heb os nac oni bai – yn barod i symud mewn i dŷ ar gyfer fy ail flwyddyn. Felly, dyma ychydig o bwyntiau ynghylch fy mhrofiad i gydag ychydig o gyngor hefyd. Y Broses o Ddewis Pobl Dyma gyfnod sy’n gallu bod
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Profiadau Allygyrsiol Cymreig

Posted on 15 Tachwedd 2019 by Daniel

Yng Nghaerdydd, ceir yna gyfoeth o brofiadau allgyrsiol Cymreig. Gall y rhain amrywio o brofiadau chwaraeon i brofiadau cerddorol. Rwyf am grybwyll ychydig o’r rhai yr wyf wedi manteisio arnynt, Yn ddiau, fe wnaeth y profiadau hyn ddylanwadu ar fy mhenderfyniad i ddod i Gaerdydd i astudio. Y GymGym Dyma gymdeithas sydd yn cwrdd yn
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Studying at a Spanish University

Posted on 15 Tachwedd 2019 by Angharad

Ask any language graduate about the pinnacle of their degree, and the answer will undoubtedly be the infamous Year Abroad.  I still pinch myself every day over the fact that my own Year Abroad has indeed begun, that I can say I now study at the Universidad de Granada. The experience has been so far
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Une Aventure

Posted on 18 Hydref 2019 by Haris

I’ve been in Rouen 20 days now – I can’t quite believe it. I have so much to share already! Let’s go back 20 days, to when I was moving to Rouen which feels like months ago already. I moved to Rouen on Thursday 5th September. I was travelling on the Eurostar, through Paris and
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A typical day in the life of a student

Posted on 9 Hydref 2019 by Ellie

Lectures The cornerstone of student life has to be lectures. The amount of these that you have is very much dependent on your course. Mine for instance, Journalism and Communications, has 9 hours of lectures and seminars every week. This may not seem a lot compared to something like medicine, however, a primary element of
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How to be the perfect housemate

Posted on 8 Hydref 2019 by Ellie

When you first start university, it can be tough getting used to an entirely new environment, independent living and co-habiting with often, complete strangers. It is not uncommon that tensions rise in certain situations when living in close proximity and under uni deadline stress. However, I have created this guide to help you play your
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