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5 Things I learnt by interning at a big 4 company!

20 April 2021
  1. Networking is important  

In consulting, you work across different industries and with different clients. Therefore, it is important to network across industries and build your networking skills. These skills not only help you in your consulting projects, but the same skills also make you more employable. Professional websites like Linkedln can be used to build and create professional relationships. You can connect to an alumni from your college or school that can help you.  

2. Constantly strive to learn  

Not every consultant has experience in every industry, but they can be put on projects across different sectors. There is a high chance that you will be working with clients from industries that you have no prior experience with, which is okay! However, in situations like this is it really important that you are an eager learner because in consulting, you will be expected to constantly learn and upscale your knowledge. This is a competitive edge in the industry.  

3. Don’t be afraid to ask questions  

It is okay to not know everything, however it is important to be confident enough to ask questions. There is no time to re-do things in consulting and that’s why it’s better to ask questions and clear your doubts, than to attempt to do something the wrong way. However, always research before asking your questions as you don’t want to seem like you are not an independent learner.  

4. Remember to take your break  

Interning at a big 4 can obviously get overwhelming at times. Remember, it is important to take a step back and just take a break! If you are overstressed, it will impact your potential and quality of work. If you are feeling stressed or need to take a moment, speak to your reporting manager. This will help you set boundaries as well as train you to make sure you take care of your mental and physical health.  

5. Learn how to say I don’t know or No!  

Consulting is a difficult and stressful industry. Often there will be moments where you feel lost or confused. It is okay to say that you don’t know or if you feel you are not capable of finishing a task. It is important to recognize your potential and flaws. However, saying you don’t know doesn’t mean that you drop your task. Ask for help on how to finish it.  

The most important thing to remember is that you should enjoy your projects and should strive to learn!