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Millie Roberts

Millie Roberts

Third Year English Language and Spanish student at Cardiff University. Currently on my Year Abroad adventure in Granada!

Latest posts

The best coffee stops in Granada

The best coffee stops in Granada

Posted on 15 August 2021 by Millie Roberts

One of the first things I wanted to know when arriving in Granada was where I could get an amazing coffee. The truth is, almost every coffee you will have […]

International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day

Posted on 8 March 2021 by Millie Roberts

International Women's Day, a day in which societies around the globe celebrate the achievements women have made throughout history in dedication to a world free from gender inequality. It is […]

Nuevo país, nuevos amigos

Posted on 20 October 2020 by Millie Roberts

Making friends on your year abroad - whilst maintaining social distancing! One of the most nerve-wracking thoughts before your year abroad is making new friends... in a new language! For […]

Planning your year abroad during a global pandemic!

Posted on 19 October 2020 by Millie Roberts

Keep calm and wear your mask! My experiences and advice for planning your year abroad. Having spent the last two years bragging to your friends and family that you will […]