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A Special Issue of the SoJo Journal: Educational Foundations and Social Justice

Posted on 30 July 2021 by Kevin Smith

Guest Editors: Kevin Smith, Cardiff University and Brandon Edwards-Schuth, Washington State University. The SoJo Journal: Educational Foundations and Social Justice is interested in research studies which include conceptual, theoretical, philosophical and policy analysis essays challenging the existing state of affairs in society, schools and (in)formal education.   For the past three decades, scientists, environmentalists, and activists
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Education, Personal Reflection

A pedagogical reflection on the coddling of white ignorance

Posted on 4 February 2021 by Kevin Smith

This is another ‘guest post’ from Dr Kevin Talbert, an Associate Professor in Education at The College of Idaho in Caldwell, ID, USA. In this post, Kevin writes about his experience of engaging in critical, pedagogical self-reflection inspired by conversations with his students about race and whiteness in teacher education classrooms.  In a recent campus
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“Knowledge Rich” or “Content Rich” Curricula?

Posted on 18 December 2020 by Kevin Smith

Sometimes, when talking about knowledge and curriculum, people will ask my thoughts about the term “knowledge rich.” My response usually starts out with a statement saying “First off, I’m not opposed to knowledge,” and then from there, well – things get complicated. I have some objections to the use of “knowledge rich.” Here are a
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Education, Personal Reflection

Creating Anti-racist Curricula

Posted on 3 June 2020 by Kevin Smith

Creating anti-racist curricula. The difference between “not being racist” and being “anti-racist,” and resources to create anti-racist curricula.
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